Jul 22, 2008

My Zen Art of Blogging

When I first started to write my first blog, it took me several months trying to convince myself to get it started. Trying to find good reasons why I should blog like everyone else. Many blog sites I found was just in it for the money like advertising or selling some kind of goods. I almost fell into that scheme and soon realized that it ain't enough motivation for me to sustain the habit of blogging.

One day I said to myself, “What the heck! I will just get it started anyway and write anything I want to write. Inspiration will just set in later - probably.” And so I blogged away. One post followed by another post and another post. Twenty-six posts after, it now became clear to me my real purpose for making a blog and why I should make it a life long habit.

In the course of my habit to blog, I finally found my motivation why I should carry on this habit and why I think everyone should care to blog as well. Here are my reasons:

  • Make your thinking process clear.
  • Improve public perception and reputation.
  • Makes you understand yourself better.
  • Serves as your personal guidebook.
  • Improves communication skills.
  • Clarifies personal goals.
  • Spurs creativity.
  • Blog to learn.
  • It's fun and very addictive.

These are my internal motivations why I continue to blog and why, I think, you should care and start your own as well. I know many bloggers out there would add some more to my list but surely it will just be more of the blog site features rather than real reasons.

My advice is, grab a blog account and just do it! Happy blogging!

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