Jul 2, 2008

Better by Design - A User Interface Heuristics

Here are some simple rule-of-thumb when designing user interfaces for your projects. Try to adhere to this simple yet practical approach and make it work for you to make your project a success!

  1. Usefulness:
    • Upon developing a product, the specifications must be almost entirely centered around what people need and not what you think is hip or advanced. The focus should be on people's needs and what makes them more productive and well-informed once they start using your product.
  2. Fast:
    • Nothing is more valuable to anyone than the end-user's time. It should get to their destination fast. This means cutting down on load times and page clicks whenever possible. Every millisecond counts so cut all the unwanted 'fat' out!
  3. Simple:
    • "True refinement seeks simplicity" -Bruce Lee. Things of beauty always come from simple things. Use natural colors and simple components so it can be readily accepted by end-users. Proper selection of icons and images are included as well. Use minimalist approach whenever possible.
  1. Clean/Organized:
    • Avoid information clutter. Display only information that are most used. Tuck away those that aren't. Provide an easy way where users can easily find what they are looking for.
  1. Personable:
    • Allow customization. Create an environment where users can be comfortable on the choices of information and features they want. Personalization must be limited and must not get in the way of the principles of simplicity.
  1. Consistent:
    • Design and layout must be uniform all throughout the application that will make user increasingly familiar as they use the application.
  2. Unique:
    • Make a design that is identifiable to you. An interface design that reflects the type and culture of end-users. This creates your brand uniquely identifiable among other applications in the market.

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