Jul 18, 2008

10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Cloud Computing.

1. High Availability: A 24x7x365 Operation.

Most 'cloud' data centers are designed to be highly redundant. This means that your data are 'mirrored' across several servers that are spread out on different locations. Such setup ensures that when one of the server or data center that host your data goes down, it can still be available on another server without noticing any significant downtime. Besides the basic infrastructure, it is also supported by a promise or guarantee to all its subscribers to maintain a 99.99% uptime. This guarantee is called Service Level Agreement (SLA).

2. Has Enormous Computing Resource

Cloud service providers have invested millions on bleeding-edge technologies such as computer servers and networking equipments. These hardware has tremendous computing power and speed that is dynamically allocated when your computing requirements suddenly peaks.

3. No Expensive Computers Required to Purchase.

Since cloud computing are network-based services and resides on remote hosts, no special hardware purchases are required besides a basic internet connection. This alone is a huge cost savings to subscribers.

4. No Maintenance Needed.

Data centers of cloud service providers are well-manned by highly skilled engineers to do maintenance work. They operate 24x7 and are always on a stand-by mode in case something critical happens. It is just like having a team of engineers in your work place to manage your data!

5. Portable

You can bring your work with you anywhere you go where internet connection is available. More and more people nowadays telecommute and do their business online without leaving the confines of their own homes – fascinating isn't it?

6. Very Scalable

This is one feature is a big welcome among SMEs. Service features and pricing scales up as your business grow thereby, paying only what you need instead of paying for a features that you seldom use.

7. High Quality Software Suite

Software applications that form part of computing service are always made with extremely high quality. These software are continually developed and maintained by an army of software engineers only to give you the best possible user experience.

8. No or Little IT Staff Needed

Cloud computing is a complete, all-in package IT service and that includes sparing you from hiring several IT engineers and programmers to maintain or develop in- house systems for you.

9. Well Supported

A 24x7 helpdesk support is available for you to ask assistance from at no extra cost.

10. It's Either Free or Very Affordable

There are many free services out there that you can take advantage to increase your company productivity and web presence. One free SaaS that has proven its reliability is Google Apps – a web-based collaboration platform that manages emails, calendar, and other office productivity suites.

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