Jan 23, 2009

Half Past Eleven


One day got infuriated by something and someone who isn't worth mentioning about now. These words just came spewing out like a dormant volcano rumbling and throwing rocks of angry words. Nope that volcano hasn't erupted yet, it will soon be and pressure is building up fast.

These I write ...


A self-righteous man is a self-centered one who

thinks of himself as all knowing and blameless in all his

hideous acts.


He who does not accept personal shortcomings

has a very short memory and lives a life as short

as what he can only remember


An agitated man never seeks the

company of peace, but rather digs

himself in the graveyard of loneliness.


A man who claims perfection is

himself living a less-idyllic life.


Anger only reaps resentment. It's perilous

path leads to unfathomable depths of destruction,

loneliness and regret.


A leader with a broken moral  compass,

leads a pack of sheep into a rocky cliff of

what he claims a promise land.


A well guarded thought and tongue is more

respectable than one who speaks

folly and vile words.


When do you say it's over?

When do you say it's enough?

When do you say you can't?

A quiet man never speaks a word about it,

nor moves a hair but

shows when he disappears.


A true man's value can be appreciated

only abundantly when there is

less of him available.


Great destruction can only come from

the least of them all.


A proud man never learns to accept defeat

but when defeat is inevitable, he in turn blames the

world for his miseries.


In the eyes of a proud man, he is blameless

and remains that way until all sight is lost.

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