Sep 15, 2008

Would you buy anything made in China?


I wouldn't, if I have a choice. Almost everything we use on a daily basis are now made in China. From toiletries, car accessories, office supplies, computer parts, children's toys to a whole lot more - everything is made in China. I wouldn't have a problem if it is made in some Timbuktu as long as they are of high quality products and manufacturers are trustworthy.

What is this new controversy (see news) where milk formula made in China are tainted with melamine? Melamine on milk formula for babies? Melamine are organic compounds use to manufacture floor tiles, fertilizers, white boards, retardant fabrics and commercial filters. Several hundreds of babies (reported so far) who fed their babies with milk formula Supplied by Sanlu Group Co., have dies because of this. Many of their milk are now exported to several countries namely Taiwan and some other unnamed countries.

Protect your babies. Protect your family. Never trust and buy again products made in China.

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