Sep 11, 2008

LHC: The Ultimate "Killer App"?



Yesterday marked a very historic moment to mankind. We finally have THE machine to understand how the stuff of everything are made of and how it all began. It's the grandest celebration not on what we have built, but our CAPACITY to seek higher learning on the very fundamental laws of nature and build things to achieve such knowledge.

We have built the most expensive experiment that requires the very brightest minds around the globe to answer the very basic question. Many doomsayers  says this will definitely be the 'killer app' that will bring mankind to extinction or that mankind will destroy our galaxy by creating an uncontrollable blackhole. Is this the end of the world? I'd say it is not!

The end of the world will dawn upon mankind if our quest for learning dusks. This is precisely the reason why we as mankind evolved to be a superior being and ruled over for thousand of years. Our quest for learning is what makes us human everyday.

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