Aug 26, 2008

The "Kung-Fu Panda" Wisdom

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One Sunday morning, I turned to watch a DVD movie with my kids and they were all very ecstatic when I flipped open the case entitled Kung-Fu Panda. We all gathered around as we watched.

I never expected that I will be having so much fun watching. My two kids were so glad to see me had a wonderful time time as I laughed and laughed until the movie ended. Yes, it was somewhat a rare sight for my kids to see me like that - laughing aloud. What came so surprising to me was that the movie wasn't just an action-flick "eye candy" animation, it has some real lessons that made me stop for a while and think. Let me quote some nuggets of wisdom I took from that movie:

"One cannot see beneath an agitated water, let it calm for a while to see through it clearly..."

My interpretation: Man cannot make sound judgement when his mind is clouded with emotions. It is always wise to step back, take a breather and and confront when all is calm and cleared out. It is always easy to get agitated most specially when you are most responsible, but it is even more easier to make mistakes when decisions are made on such state.

"There is no such thing as a sacred scroll. There is only you."

My interpretation: When our minds are made to believe on something that isn't true, and we work and focus our energies towards something we believe is true. We eventually become the truth.

In summary: Our mind is truly a wonderful thing. It is a jewel and the seat of all emotions, ideas, reasoning, and spiritualism. We hold the power to make all things possible if we will it to be. Find inner peace, if we search for it. And believe that there is nothing "out there" but just us and our infinite mind. (not sure about that)

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