Aug 23, 2008

A Drive-In Church? What would they think of next?

drive-in church

This is something we don't see everyday - people going to church in their cars. But this isn't something very surprising nowadays since a lot of Catholics now attend churches in the malls and even in movies houses.

drive-in church2

"take this cup as the blood of Christ..." in your Ferrari? These two couples doesn't look like lazy people to me, but they sure look very comfortable.

drive-in church3

If you can spend for gas going to the church - surely you can tithe a little more than a dime. Clearly, America is still blessed even with high gas prices.

drive-in church4

Until next Sunday pastor, how about Sunday school for my kids?

In closing, I just don't know what to say. Either people are getting lazier each day or becoming more anti-social. But it's definitely cool to have one like this here in Cebu! Hoorah!

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