Feb 5, 2009

Physician House Calls : Reviving an Old Practice to Modern Communities.


When was the last time you remembered a doctor visiting you in your home and see how you are doing? I was fortunate enough to have such personal care when I was still a young lad, that kind doctor was our neighbor. From that time forward, going to the doctor's office was really somewhat a luxury. It is since I don't have much time to spend and wait in line for doctors that always come in late for work .

In cases of medical conditions where you need to urgently see a doctor at wee hours of the night, where do you go? I cannot go to OPD section since they close at night. So I am left with no choice but to endure the steep cost of medical care in the Emergency Room, even if my case isn't an emergency.

We in the health care insurance business recognize the this serious flaw in the delivery of health care services to our countrymen. More often than not, the HMOs shoulder most of these unnecessary expenses incurred thereby increasing their utilization.

Being fully aware of this situation, KAINOS Health Management, Inc (our company) has come up with a simple plan that isn't really new at all; but a long gone practice - physician house call.

Yes, we believe that genuine health care should be patient centric and that, a personal and convenient approach is necessary at all times - even at night. Providing house calls is a very welcome convenience most specially for parents who have not enough resources to visit the nearest hospital or can't wait until morning to consult a very tardy doctor.

Visit our new program on our company website at www.kainoshealth.net to learn more.

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