Oct 10, 2008

Renewal of faith


Today, I am a new man! I have turned over and left my old vicious ways of leading my life. I denounce the habits of the dark side and have renewed my faith with Jesus Christ. This is a new beginning and a new morning as Christ's servant whom shall be my  guiding light.

I asked the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ to grant me the gifts of wisdom, understanding, judgement, knowledge and teaching so I may also inspire others who lost their hope in their earthly ways. Though the path to my complete healing may take a while, I prayed to be steadfast and focus only to His direction.

Evil may always lurk behind me wherever I go and may guise itself in different forms, but Christ has given me wisdom and discernment to keep me away and make me safe from them.

Jesus Christ is my king of kings, the Lord of lords, the Christ, the Messiah, my salvation, my rock and my eternal hope and Savior. Let him be yours and experience the true Christian life.

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