Jun 9, 2008

The best FREE alternative to MS Office Suite

IBM's Lotus Symphony -

the best FREE alternative to MS Office Suite.

I found a really, really, really wonderful office application that really makes me feel comfortable working and very excited to tell everyone! It's IBM's variant of OpenOffice Suite called Lotus Symphony.

Lotus Symphony was based on OpenOffice infrastructure but has much more of a homey feel like MS Office. It's well designed interface makes it easy for beginners or long-time MS Office users to make the switch.

The wonderful key features of Lotus Symphony are as follows:

  • Well organized interface design. All document types open up in a single window as tabs. Much like how Firefox browser opens new pages in a tab. All documents have a single uniform tools bar and some properties of objects may be manipulated from its sidebar located on the right window.

  • Windows formats are supported. Just like its predecessor, Symphony can open any MS Office document formats may it be spreadsheet, document, or presentation. It's default format for saving document is ODT or open document format.

  • Lightweight. It has small installable file and open really fast. Also utilizes small amount of memory unlike its predecessor.

I would say that this app will surely be an MS Office killer! I made the switch and moving my entire company's office suite to this one.

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