Mar 14, 2008

Enterprise Software Services on a Shoestring Budget

So you wanted to have a large storage email server, calendar sharing, document collaboration, internal instant messaging and shared contacts list but never have the financial resources to setup one for your small startup business. Many businesses are spending fortunes just to have these enterprise technologies all in aid of workplace productivity and efficiency not knowing that there are equivalent, if not better, alternatives.
For a measly US$ 30 budget, your business can have most of the technology services big corporations enjoy like:

• An email account for up to 200 employees with a whopping 6GB storage plus, your own registered email domain like
• Unlimited Calendar Services which may be collaboratively shared among co-workers so as not to miss out any important appointments and events. Moreover, your staff can be reminded through SMS or mobile texts.
• Collaborative document management through online document sharing.
• Document workflows.
• Website hosting and design with no programming skills needed.
• Company / department-wide intranet website and
• Knowledgebase

Things to do and you would need:

1. Create an account at and register a new domain.
2. Register your new domain at Google Apps (
3. Follow the setup procedures indicated at Google Apps.
4. Voila! You are all set to go.

Need help?

If setting these services is too complicated for you or just too busy, my services are totally free if your institution is a school, a church or a civic organization. For companies of any size, expenses for travel, meals and insurance are required – nothing more. Training and support are free as well.

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