Feb 1, 2008

Turn your single PC into multiuser workstation.

One of the biggest challenges faced by every IT manager is asking additional budget for infrastructure even if it is reasonably justifiable. Even if the budget gets approved, it does take some time before it gets realized.

A case in point is requesting purchases of new PC desktops for new hires. Delaying it is not an option for very obvious reasons – lost productivity hours.

Userful(tm) has provided a solution to such challenges. It turns a single PC into a mutiple workstation. All you need is a dual-head video card, an additional monitor, keyboard and mouse and installing Userful software in your Ubuntu Operating System and voila! Every user works in its own independent session. What's even more amazing is that it runs surprisingly fast even with 512 MB of RAM.

The advantages of doing such set-up is clear and I have enumerated them below:

  • Saves on electricity bills,

  • lessens equipment purchases,

  • maximise resources, and

  • improve workforce productivity.

Userful comes in different liceses. 1) A FREE 2 user license and 2) paid multiuser, annually renewable licenses. Try the first option in your office and see if it works for you.

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