Nov 29, 2007

Free Online Backup Storage For Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises

I stumbled upon an advertisement very recently about an online service giving out a free 2Gb online backup storage service -IDrive-E. I thought that 2Gb storage is really a little more than enough capacity for a common user specially if you only store office document such as .doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf, and .odf files. I sifted through their entire site and drafted my recommendations below.

Cool Features:

  • FREE 2-12 Gb backup storage

    Initial sign-up will give you a 2GB storage. Another 10Gb will be added if you refer a friend's email from your email service provider such as Yahoo! Mail or GMail.

  • Continuous Backup

    Backs up regularly all files that changed from the last backup schedule without consuming much of your computer's resources.

    Backup commences when your computer is not in use/idle and may be as frequent as every 10 minutes.

  • Revision History / Previous Versions

    This is my favorite feature. All changes made to a file are never deleted or overwritten during backups.File changes or previous versions are kept and may be restored to a specific version at any given time. A maximum of 30 previous versions are kept per file. Actual storage utilization is computed as the total file size of the most recent file version and NOT the total file size plus all its file versions.

  • Very Secured

    On your first backup, the provided backup client will prompt the user for an encrytion key and data gets encrypted on the user's computer before its get transported and backed-up. Files are encrypted using an AES-128 bit algorithm.


  • Refer a friend for 10Gb extra!

    With all the promising features built into the service, getting an additional 10Gb extra space for a referral is very tempting but think very carefully before you do. IDrive-E will ask you to input on their online form your email's username and password so that they will gain entry into your contact list and prompt you which among your contacts are you willing to refer. Even though you chose two contacts in your list, you can never reallly be too sure if they haven't kept your email's username and password or worse harvested all your email addresses.

  • A new company

    ProSoftnet Corp, the company that sell IDrive-E service, is a fairly new company that really has no concrete and proven track record of stability. Though, it been mentioned on some magazines about its reliability, two years of service doesn't really prove or say much.


It never really hurts to try after all, it's just a backup. Allways keep two copies of your most critical files though – one maybe on your thumb drive and one on the IDrive-E online storage. I strongly recommend NOT to sign-up the 10GB extra space for a referral program. ProSoftnet does not include any gurantees or assurances that your emails will not be harvested for other purposes. So don't!

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